Anything is possible!

We believe anything is possible when it comes to driving a greener music industry. That is why we put together our creed.

We believe in changing the world

We constantly reinvest profits to build the best company possible.

We believe in being personal

We talk to our customers and connect by not hiding behind reality.

We believe in a fair price

We promise not to over inflate our prices, we will always review the cost of our supplies and make sure to offer affordable quality.

We believe that we all have a responsibility towards protecting our home.

We utilise “Green” technology, 100% renewable energy and are actively searching for ways to reduce our impact.

How it all started

Sifer Was Formed In 2008 And Was An Idea Built During The Time Josh Was At The Brighton Institute Of Modern Music (BIMM). At This Time, The Music Industry Was Seeing Some Big Changes. Spotify, Deezer, Napster And Other Streaming Services Were Beginning To Take Control Of How Music Is Accessed / Listened To. Bands Were Starting To See That The Big Record Labels Were No Longer A Necessity, But More An Overall Goal. Any And Every Artist Now Had A Chance To Be Heard, But Who Really Knew How To Set Themselves Apart From The Others, Whilst Remaining ‘DIY’. The Market Was Becoming Full, And Breaking Through Was Actually Becoming Harder. Josh Set Out To Try And Break That, To Offer What The Record Labels Offered, While Keeping A Band’s “DIY” Philosophy Intact. And So Sifer Music Was Born. A Business Which Made Its Name During Josh’s Time At BIMM, But Which Did Not Stand Still. Sifer Music Reached Out To Those Around The Industry, To Understand The Changes That Were Happening And Where Things Were Going. Sifer Music Offered A Tailor Made Plan To Every Artist They Worked With, By Understanding Where They Needed Help And Assistance. Sifer Music’s Management Of These Needs Allowed The Artists The Time To Do And Manage What They Really Wanted. The Plans Offered A Unique Blend Between What The Artist Wants, And What A Conventional Label Would Expect. Every Aspect Of Each Plan Was Sustainable As Well, No Big Money Was Flashed Around, Just Like Any Business Should Be.